Tech PM / Senior Engineer

TOP Projects / Products:

- Payment System for POS Acquiring, eCommerce, CryptoExchange (PCI/DSS, PIN Security, HSM, Certifications (UPI, MC, Visa, JCB), ISO8583, RSA + AES256 Encryption, TCP/IP to RestAPI Connectors, Java to PHP Connectors, etc.)
- Omnichannel Fashion App for Malls (prepare an innovation prototype with AR and AI Systems)
- Furniture Production CRM/ERP System (more 1M$ total operations per year)
- Omnichannel Nearby Marketplace (raise 50k$ investments, get traction and first income)
- Food Delivery Marketplace (>30,000$ profit per month)
- Smart Browser Bots (JS/JQuery + PHP API + Admin Panel) (made more 2M likes and 200k comments)
- Easy PHP MVC Framework with Admin Panel for Web-Services (sold for 30 web-systems)
- Easy CRM/ERP for small businesses
- Fragrances and Cosmetics eCommerce Business (>25,000$ income per month)

Main Information:

- Demo Interview
- My Perfect Product Development Process Principles


- Full-time Ukraine: from 3000$/month NET (+ 10% taxes and accounting)
- Full-time Outsourced for EU/US/UK: from 5000$/month NET (SWIFT to UA, + 10% taxes)
- Part-time Outsourced: from 30$/h NET (SWIFT to UA, + 10% taxes)
- Classic Full-time for EU/US/UK with all taxes, social payments: from 70k$/year NET (from 100k$/year gross)

Relocation from Kiev, UA:

- 50% of first month pre-payment by SWIFT like IT Consulting or organise flight, flat, car for all time before first payment
- Also can work first time by 30$/h rate before contract will be signed and first payment received

Skills and Experience

- From 2007 year work with IT technologies
- Personal tools and approaches for Project Management and Web-development
- A Personal PHP framework for easy and fast PHP-development
- More 10 years experience in SQL and Database Development
- More 4 years experience of team education
- More 3 years eCommerce management experience with 25 000$/m income
- Startup launch experience with real traction (from 50k$ investments to 1000$/m first profit)
- Experience in decrease technical budget and deadlines 3 times
- Engineering and technical experience for the higher quality of requirements and specifications
- Customers relationship management experience in IT Outsourcing service
- Experience in solving problems and conflicts through special communication approaches
- Portfolio:
- More 7 years of programming experience in HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, MVC, CI/Yii, Symfony, Git
- More 5 years experience in Internet-Marketing, SEO, SMM
- Skills list document: My skills list in Google Docs